Saturday, October 24, 2009

jis lahore nahi vekhya woh jamia nai

This was my first theatre act.

Remember me mentioning about a theatre group called antraal..this is what gave me my first theatre... Was tough because the dailouges were mostly in urdu and punjabi. The performance happend in JNU campus' PSR open air theatre...

Now about PSR: a very well know place in JNU, seemed like it was left for ages, looked like jungle to me. Reaching there was kind of disappointed, thinking no one would turn up. Cleaned the place, made arrangements and finally the moment arrived, the play started in evenin 6:30 pm.

Had a moustache which kept on making me feel uncomfortable...Anyways, when the 1st scene happend, was schocked. Thanks to Almighty..there were some 200 people. Ambience, lighting, open sky favoured us... Place was awesome and so was the act..Unfortunately have no videos or pics of the same (because of camera prohibition), but m uploadin few practise session pics.

All I can carry forward from here is the art of lighting, acting (again), managing and the moral of not loosing hope... a great learning experience...

Below are the few practice session pics....


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