Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shubhra Arya's Birthday June 16,2009

Summer 2009, i was in Bengaluru interning at Madura Garments (an subsidy of aditya birla nuvo ltd). There were 16 internees from different cities- Banglore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Gandhinagar... we became friends and within a span of 2 weeks, the girl from Mumbai-Shubhra had her birthday. She gave us treat in a place called Ohri's in Total mall. The ambience resembled a jungle.. tables, glasses everything seemed of the same jungle family.. had the time of the life...

We were divided into groups. Ma grp comprised of raj n neha(from nift blore), they both were dedicated and hard working and me the laziest!!! Sometimes i used to work...

We were given a conference room to work, but most of the time worked less and played computer games more - stick cricket (i think we all were addicted to it).So one day in conference room i had nothing to do n then i saw d pics n thought of converting them into a movie... within an hour the movie was ready to serve. This movie contains some of shubhra's birthday pics with a pinch of effects.

2 months time worth remembering...

Shubhra's birthday!!!


An unlucky incident

2008 - A year worth feeling sorry about, series of blasts in different cities, killing people. We also saw the terror attacks in Mumbai..which depressed the heart more...These events affected the muslim community, who were treated as terrorists. Somehow it affected me a lot, so the nift delhi team, decided to dedicate all our songs to the victims at the inter college event in Hyderabad.

Taking these as my inspiration, decided to make a movie. However there was no intentions of showing any kind of partiality towards any community.. ending was thought in a different way but because of lack of time, the present ending seems little lame... which means i am not satisfied with this movie...

Shoot began in January, my friend Siddhartha plays the lead role, of a poor student who eventually turns into a terrorist... witnessing the killings and the blasts in all the major cities creates a deep hatred inside his heart, forcing him to become a weapon of terror. The short film is not about terrorism but about the state of mind... how small things can change life...

The reason of such an abrupt ending was the spectrum 09, shortage of time n i was part of the organizing team.. however there were very less entries and that’s the reason I once again won 1st prize (Hatrick-3times in a row)

An Unlucky Incident - Slumdog Millionaire

cast - Siddhartha Tiwari, Himani Shukla, Antra Lodha, Aradhna Dutta, Nishant.

Location - NIFT, new delhi.

written n directed by Prem Samuel