Friday, January 15, 2010

The Sad Man

There are people who most of the time stay very upset and frustrated.. and the reason behind it is mostly a girl.. In these times they are indeed very irritating..and their sadness and unhappyness sometimes makes the people around him unhappy!!!
This is were I got my concept from...THE SAD MAN..

I have a "bloody" junior friend.. name Tanya.. just kidding... he is Tanmoy Hazra. I think he justified the role of the character.

The film depicts the state of a sad man...have a look at it...and then you will realise being happy has its own charm ...
"jiyo.. haaso.. muskurao..kya pata kal ho na ho... "

The Sad Man

cast - Tanmoy Hazra, Kaushik, Ruchi

music - Behind Blue Eyes by The Who

written n directed by Prem Samuel