Thursday, September 22, 2011

On a Friday

On a Friday, a punjabi boy named lucky comes home crying. When his mother comes to know the reason she goes to Mrs. Iyenger to sort out issues with later's daughter and her son. But things go worse.

This movie came to me as a class project, however i was not present while shooting of the video. I got the entire clips and had to edit it and mix it. which i did. The movie has been shot in Gurgaon only in one day.

On a Friday

cast- Yash Kulkarni, Ananya Wadhwana, Zoenna Upadhyay, Monika Verma, Rashi, Binu
support - Rupesh Sinha, Siddhartha Tiwari
cameraman- Abhinav Verma
sound mixing/editing - Prem Samuel
Director- Ravikar Anand

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