Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shubhra Arya's Birthday June 16,2009

Summer 2009, i was in Bengaluru interning at Madura Garments (an subsidy of aditya birla nuvo ltd). There were 16 internees from different cities- Banglore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Gandhinagar... we became friends and within a span of 2 weeks, the girl from Mumbai-Shubhra had her birthday. She gave us treat in a place called Ohri's in Total mall. The ambience resembled a jungle.. tables, glasses everything seemed of the same jungle family.. had the time of the life...

We were divided into groups. Ma grp comprised of raj n neha(from nift blore), they both were dedicated and hard working and me the laziest!!! Sometimes i used to work...

We were given a conference room to work, but most of the time worked less and played computer games more - stick cricket (i think we all were addicted to it).So one day in conference room i had nothing to do n then i saw d pics n thought of converting them into a movie... within an hour the movie was ready to serve. This movie contains some of shubhra's birthday pics with a pinch of effects.

2 months time worth remembering...

Shubhra's birthday!!!


  1. prem is an ultimate entertainer with loads of brains going in various directions.....but this is d only good work he's done till now..publicized my b'day..;)
    guys do watch d awesome work done by him...luv u for this :)

  2. thank u ji...lekin maine aur bhi bahut kaam kiye he...apart frm studies.. ;)